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Le Race 2007


Le Race is an annual cycle race from Christchurch to Akaroa. It is an annual fund raising event for the RATS in which we provide additional safety and communication support.

This year it was held on Saturday the 31st of March with fourteen RATS and an honoree RAT Sarah helping with the event.  In previous  years we have had support vehicles following competitors throughout the race, this year for
Le Race 2007 Long Bay Rd
Le Race 2007 Long Bay Rd
additional safety we modified this to positioning the cars at strategic points along the course.

There were seven vehicles positioned along the race course –
Tail end Charlie following the last competitors from Christchurch to Hilltop.
A vehicle at top of Gebbies Pass with another at the bottom.
A vehicle at the top of Long Bay Rd with another half down and another at the bottom.
The last vehicle was another tail end Charlie which followed the last competitors who made it through the midday cut off at Hilltop.

Ratty taking time out from navigation
Ratty taking time out from navigation
The day was warm and windy making it thirsty work for the approximately 1400 competitors. There were no major problems during the day, the radio comms worked well in almost all aspects of the course, although there was one small technical hitch when a car aerial “just fell off” mid transport much to the amusement of J following in a vehicle behind! 
Le Race 2007 Heli Evac
Le Race 2007 Heli Evac


Several competitors did require ambulance attention with two being evacuated to hospital by helicopter.

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Updated Wednesday, 22 December 2010