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USAR Training at Johns Rd rubble pile


On Wednesday the 4th of April the RATS had a USAR training session at a Johns Rd rubble pile.

A team leader was elected with the toss of a coin with Debs losing? and becoming TL for the night. 
Janelle in her void
Janelle in her void

The search areas and real hazards were explained to the group and we were told we were looking for 2-3 people. We had a total of six rescuers and a TL. There was no access to lighting or generators so vehcile lights were used for extra lighting.
A recce party were sent off to map the perimeter. After a discussion on the best way to cordon off search areas and a request for search dogs was denied it was agreed to send two party's of two rescuers each to perform a quick search of the area to find and hopefully remove any surface casualties. Within 20 minutes three casualties were identified and tagged. 
None of the casualties could be easily extracted from the site, they were as in order they were found -
Pt 1 - Paul found under large piece of masonary, injury to left tib/fib, acting slightly dazed but able to answer most questions. Not trapped but needing assistance to get out.
Pt 2 - Janelle found in sloping void under masonary, no injuries found although difficult to access below head, unconsious responding to pain.
Pt 3 - Geoff found down vertical void of 1 1/2m. Unable to feel one of his legs, treated as potential spinal injury, LOC good.

It was decided to priortise Pt 2 to be extricated first, with a team of only 6 most were needed to help with each extrication. she was pulled out onto a back board and strapped in before being transferred to a basket stretcher. Pt 3 was next, he had a back board lowered down into the hole, he was strapped onto it and then raised back out. 
Pt 1 was last, he was hauled out by 2 rescuers, checked again for further injury and walked out with assistance.
The whole exercise took 1 hour and 50 mins to complete.

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Updated Wednesday, 22 December 2010