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Reconnaisance in reverse!


On Wednesday night RATS training had an interesting twist.

Brian, Jude and Janelle had set up a "rogaine" around the old CHCH Women's Hospital for some members of Brians work as a fun Friday activity so could not think of anything better than doing it with RATS...in the dark...with the clues a little trickier to find.

Rogaine Night Deb & Ian
Rogaine Night Deb & Ian
We had four teams who we were each given a 20 page set of the floor plans with 31 spots marked on them.  The higher the number the more points you got with #31 being a bonus. 

The teams had one hour and rules including no hiding, destoying, moving, manipulating of clues (we were dealing with RATS here), no use of main lights and only one illumination device per team (saying torches was not enough as again dealing with RATS here).

Anyone who has been to the old CWH knows how huge it is but even that considered the 
Rogaine Night J & Jude
Rogaine Night J & Jude

tricky trio (Brian, J and Jude) were amazed how quickly the team disappeared and they 
then had trouble finding anyone to scare!

At the end of the night the scores were added, protests investigated, arguments resolved and time penalties added...and the winners were James, Christelle and Sean (mini James). Appropriate as they were one of only 2 teams to find #31 ...requiring finding the key that opened the cupboard - very Harry Potter!


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Updated Wednesday, 22 December 2010