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Search Dog Success


RATS dog team enjoy a successful certification weekend.

On 27 and 28 October the USAR Search Dog Assessments were again held in CHCH as we seem to have the best rubble collection in the country.  On Saturday Janelle certified with Cairo and Brenda certified with Boss (both Basic level).  Brenda then carried on the success by certifying Easy to Advanced Level on Sunday. Linda and Graham were also heavily involved with Linda working as evaluator with NZ Police Dog rep, and Graham was wheeling around in the background keeping things moving. 

Other RATS helped out doing support roles, and getting shoved in the odd rubble pile!  Thanks Andrea, Geoff, Jack and Helen. 

We now have 10 certified USAR dog teams in  the country, 6 are based here in CHCH. 

A BIG thanks to all the RATS who have helped with training...long may it continue:-)







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Updated Wednesday, 22 December 2010