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USAR Search Dog Training - Auckland


On Friday 22 February Linda, Brenda, Janelle and Graham all headed to Auckland with their respective dogs: Que, Keepa, Cairo and Tala for the USAR Search Dog Association Regional Training Weekend.

Any chance to work your dogs in an area away from home is always great and the reality is their training starts the minute they leave home.  Janelle and Cairo for example had to wait in line at CHCH airport for 45 minutes and anyone who knows Cairo will recongise that keeping him still and quiet for that length of time is no easy task but he was actually very good. 

Saturday found us at the Mt Wellington Fire Station with a scenario in the BATB, some rope work with the NZFS High Angle Team (cool toys) and work with agility gear.  The pouring rain made it more of a challenge but again good training as we don't want disprin dogs (dissolve when wet).  The afternoon we headed to a local rubble pile and all the dogs performed really well.  Late that night we had fun in a large warehouse with the all the impounded cars from South Auckland.

Sunday we went to another rubble pile and large industrial yard for more training.  Some tired dogs and handlers made the trip home on Sunday night confident in the knowledge that our training in on the right track- Janelle

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Updated Wednesday, 22 December 2010