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Photo Gallery

Below are several slideshows of the different activities we do. Click on the link to open the slideshow.

These events range from our early days in 1996 to date so you may notice a shift in equipment, clothing and techniques as we have learnt and grown ourselves.

On 12 April the team competed in the Canterbury Rescue competitions- the Cliff Dale. The team were placed first overall and also picked up ladder and leadership trophies
Setting up a 50m cableway at Waitaki Dam.
Training on Saturday the 23rd of Feb 2008 was medical. We started with going over BGL and cardiac monitoring and got onto the fun stuff of dealing with a "blast injury" scenario
Saturday the 9th of Feb was the day of the 2008 C to C. The river was particularly low his year and the day was warm & dry.
On Saturday Mita and her entourage had a big day out involving an energetic Rogaine competition followed by a set of tasks focused around the sale of "Huhu's" strategically sewn onto Mita's shirt, a task that she took to like a duck to water, another "talent" we never knew about!
On Saturday the 1st of Sept Brian & Jude set up an exercise to practise setting up a operational CCP with "paper" patients. This made the Rats consider placement of the CCP, resources available and effective administration of the area.
Training day on GR ladder work & rescues. Set up of a vertical ladder in a stairwell inside.
James organised a scenario where 2 casualties were trapped in a roof space with access via a vertical ladder and manhole. Pt extrication included using a nappy for a walking wounded and an evac stretcher for an unconscious pt.
The second scenario James set up was a pt trapped in a room which could be only accessed from the outside window. With no ladders available access was gained from the window above.
A selection of photos from the Search Dog weekend in Auckland 6-8 July 2007
Putting the recruits through their paces during the RATS selections process.
Training session to practice the safe way to protect damaged roofs
Joint exercise with the Coastguard, assisting with difficult extractions on the Albatross.
Wednesday night training held at the rubble pile on Johns Rd.
The set up and execution of a high line at old CWH
Ladder Derrick work at the 2003 Canterbury Rescue Competitions


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Updated Wednesday, 22 December 2010