Rats.co.nzSpecialist First Response Team to the Canterbury Region


The RATS team is fortunate to receive support from several community oriented groups and we would like to thank the following organisation for their support.

The RATS are owned and managed by the Canterbury Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group in conjunction with and supported by Rescue & Technical Support Trust.

Canterbury CDEM provides the RATS with their basic equipment and supporting infrastructure however the team relies on strong community sponsorship to enable it to extend it's capabilities within the medical support and technical rescue roles.

The Trust is registered as a Charitable Trust with the Companies Office under the Incorporated Societies Act. The Trust’s main objective is to support the work of the RATS team.

We would welcome the support of any group that would like to help us build our capacity to provide effective major event rescue services to the Canterbury Region. You can contact us via our Team Manager - James Thompson james.thompson@ecan.govt.nz


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Updated Wednesday, 22 December 2010