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Training Completed 2008

This is the training we have completed, who came along and an overview of what was covered.



Sat 12 April Cliff Dale Trophy
5 teams competing over 7 events. See news story.
Attendees: James, Janelle, Geoff, Paul, Rowan, Sara, Chloe, Bronwyn, Christelle, Helen.
Wed 9 April GR/USAR & fitness
4/5/6th April Dams Trip - Kurow
Weekend of setting up systems and exercises on Aviemore and Waitaki Dams.
Attendees: James, Brian, Jude, Janelle, Geoff, Mita, Paul, Ian, Sharon, Helen, Bronwyn, Chloe, Tom, Emily, Sara, Christelle, Anthony.
2nd April GR/USAR Fitness Dam pack - Sockburn
29th March HA-Urban Rope tech asses - Old CWH
26th March HA-Urban Rope tech theory - Old CWH
20th March GR/Cliffdale preparation
15th March GR & Unit Std 7332 Workbooks
12th March GR & Activities
 8th March GR/USAR/Unit Std 7332
Assessment for Unit Std for traffic control.
27th Feb Fitness Assessment - Sockburn
Beep test - the dreaded beep test again for the start of the unit std - Chloe still reigns supreme.
Attendees: James, Paul, Mita, Sharon, Jude, Deb, Bronwyn, Chloe, Christelle, Sara, Helen, Ron.
23rd Feb Medical Scenarios - Old CWH
Talk on procedure for BGL tests and cardiac monitoring. Practical scenarios with pt's after a blast.
Attendees: Jude, Brian, Geoff, Mita, Ian, Sharon, Deb, Bronwyn, Chloe, Christelle, Sara, Paul, Helen (later), Anthony (pt).
20th Feb Fitness Assessment - Sockburn
Testing for flexability, strength and recovery after a 1km walk in preparation for unit standard on fitness.
16th Feb Pick Offs - Old CWH
Pick off practical training in stairwell using a strop for casualties off line  and also usnig a raising/lowering system for casualties on line.
Attendees: Geoff, Jude, Christelle, Mita, Bronwyn, Sharon, Sara, Paul, Chloe, Ian, Helen.
13th Feb Pick Offs - Woolston
Using different types of descenders and doing simple pick offs from the tower.
Attendees: James, Brian, Jude, Geoff, Paul, Janelle, Deb, Christelle, Sharon, Bronwyn, Ron, Helen.
9th Feb Coast to Coast
Helping with the safety & first aid on the river section on the C to C.
Attendees: James, Brian, Graham, Jude, Brent, Sara, Janelle, Bronwyn, Ian, Chloe, Ross, Andrew, Christelle, Sharon, Geoff, Helen, Paul, Ron. 
2nd Feb GR Lowers & Medical kit sort out
Lowers from the pumphouse and organising the medical kits for the Coast to Coast.
Attendees: Geoff, Mita, Deb, Paul, Chloe, Helen, Ian, Jude, Brian.
30th Jan Coast to Coast Briefing & Training Programme Discussion
Where RATS are going to be during the C 2 C and a brief overview of common medical problems seen during the race. Geoff went over the 2008 training programme.
Attendees: Geoff, Brian, Jude, James, Paul, Chloe, Christelle, Bronwyn, Helen, Ian, Sharon, Mita.
26th Jan Equipment check - Sockburn
Attendees: James, Geoff, Janelle, Helen, Christelle.

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