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Completed 2006

This is the training we have completed, who came along and an overview of what was covered.


26th Aug

Medical Training (3hrs)
Practical Training - splinting, baselines, collars
Brian, Jude, Debs, Geoff, Emily, James, Andrea, Brent, Mita

30th Aug

Rope Theory (2hrs)
Theory evening in preparation for Rope assessments
James, Debs, Geoff, Mita, Brian, Jude, Tom, Janelle, Sharon, Ian, Brent, Allan, Marg

2nd Sept

Rope Practical Assessments (7.5hrs)
Knot passing descending and ascending, safety systems, change over's, pick-offs. Formal assessments.
James, Debs, Geoff, Mita, Brian, Jude, Tom, Janelle, Ian, Allan, Marg

6th Sept

Site control and Command (2hrs)
theory and some practical on setting up Site control, command issues and potential use of T-Cards
Debs, Geoff, Mita, Brian, Jude, Janelle, Ian, Allan, Marg, Brent, Andrea

13th Sept Team Welfare (2hrs)
Assessment of team needs during a 72 deployment. Requirements and management of team welfare on the basis of having no assistance.
James, Debs, Geoff, Mita, Brian, Jude, Tom, Janelle, Ian, Sharon, Allan, Marg, Helen
16th Sept High Angle Exercise
Pick off rescue of two patients from 5th and 4th storeys.
James, Debs, Geoff, Brian, Jude, Tom, Emily, Janelle, Ian, Allan, Marg, Helen.
23rd Sept

Equipment and Medical gear checks

Alan, Janelle, Marg, Brian, Jude, Geoff, Ian, Sharon

27th Sept

General Rescue
Debs, Tom, Emily, Janelle, Ian, Sharon, Geoff, Mita.

30th Sept

General Rescue
Recce, site control and single point lower
Debs, Tom, Janelle, Ian, Sharon, Geoff, Mita.

4th Oct

General Rescue
Ladders and single points
Debs, Tom, Emily, Janelle, Mita, Brian, Jude

14th Oct

Cableway training at the Old Christchurch Womens Hospital, long horizontal cableway
Tom, Emily, Janelle, Mita, Rowan, Ian, Sharon, James, Debs, Geoff, Helen, Ross

18th Oct Fitness Training Baselines
Establishing baselines for personal fitness development programme
Geoff, Sharon, Ian, Mita, Debs, Brent, Rowan, Janelle, Brian, Jude
28th Oct Cableway Exercise - Air New Zealand Engineering
Establishing baselines for personal fitness development programme
Geoff, Ian, Mita, Debs, Rowan, Brian, Jude, Ross, James, Tom, Emily
1st Nov         

Briefing and Prep for Nelson Ex. Plus Beep Test for fitness baselines
Beep test is a baseline fitness and endurance test which will be repeated in 4-6 weeks and will hopefully show improvements among the team.
Geoff, Ian, Mita, Debs, Rowan, Brian, Jude, Ross, James, Allan, Marg, Janelle.

3-5th Nov Nelson Exercise
See article here
James, Janelle, Mita, Brian, Jude, Ian, Sharon, Rowan
11th Nov

Cliff Dale Trophy Competitions
RATS didn't participate but some acted as Umpires for single point, two point, ladder slide and first aid exercises
James, Janelle, Geoff, Brian and Jude

15th Nov

STP Night - Ecan
Updating of trainig programme modules
James, Janelle, Brian, Jude, Mita, Debs, Ian, Helen & Jack

22nd Nov

General Rescue Scenarios - Old CWH                                                         General rescue training including 2 point, single point & 4 point lowers.
Attendees                                                                                                      James, Janelle, Jude, Geoff, Mita, Ian, Debs, Rowan, Helen, Jack.

25th Nov Fun Exercise - Old CWH
3 different scenarios all with a lateral challenge to test the RATS.
Attendees Geoff, James, Brian, Jude, Ian, Jack, Debs, Rowan, Allan, Mita, Helen, Ross & Tom

6th Dec

Navigation Ex - Bottle Lake
Orienteering course using GPS, map and compass bearings. 4 teams navigating the course. Some travelled 5km others 13km!!
Attendees James, Brian, Jude, Ian, Jack, Debs, Allan, Marg, Mita, Helen, Sharon, Ross, Janelle & Tom
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